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The Baby Boomer Personal Stylist is a Blog specially written for you, the Baby Boomer Woman who wants to look good and feel great about yourself.

It contains all the articles I have written over the last three to four years on Fashion, Colour, the Funny Side of Fashion, Etiquette, Business Networking and Fashion Book Reviews.

I believe that now is the time of the Rise of the Baby Boomer Woman. Most of us feel that we still have much to give and are not willing to become a forgotten and overlooked generation. We are ready to blossom into new and vital versions of ourselves.

The tips and advice given here are designed to reach the generation of which I am a part but it is also sensible advice for women of all ages.

PS  If you came here because you were re-directed from ‘The Fashion Translator’ Blog, you are in the right place. I have renamed my Blog to reflect more the women for whom I am writing.

Have a look around and enjoy,

Margaret, the Baby Boomer Personal Stylist




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    • No, not yet. I am on Facebook, Pinterest, this Blog and Ezine Articles. I am on Linked-in but a bit slack on it. Your Twitter profile looks interesting. It’s probably time for me to do it. I’ll let you know when it’s done.

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