Fads and Trends and Modern Classics

Fads, Trends & Modern Classics – What Do they Mean?

Fashion can be a fickle world. Some come and go quickly. Some stay for a short visit and some become our new best friends.

When you understand how fashion works, you can learn to make wiser fashion choices.

Military Style  JacketFads – are fashions that come and go quickly, usually in a season or a year. They are styles that appeal to a small group of women. Mostly aimed at the young, they repeat in long cycles. Young women see them as something new to experiment with while older women say ‘been there, done that’ and usually ignore them the second or third time round. Military styles are an example of this.

Jane Lamerton - Colour BlockingTrends – are fashions that stay for a short visit, on average 3 years but may stay a few years longer like visitors who decide to extend their stay in your home. The first year will be the more extroverted and dramatic version of the fashion. It will be toned down slightly in the next few years. It’s stay depends on retail sales.

An example of this is the current ‘colour blocking’ Trend which is in its second year (This one a Lane Lamerton design). Short front and long back skirts are another Trend. This Trend is in its dying stages as it goes very conservative with only a tiny variation between the front and back hem to entice older women to buy into the trend.

Vogue 8390Modern Classics – start out as Trends. Sales of them soar as women of all ages, shapes and sizes embrace them. Designers for the retail market are on a winner. Crossover tops like this Vogue pattern 8390 are an example. They become Modern Classics because they can be re-invented in slightly different and flattering variations year after year.

Fads are usually for Extroverts. Trends start being for Extroverts and then get toned down for Introverts. Modern Classics make both Extroverts and Introverts feel and look great.

Accessories like shoes and handbags also have Fads, Trends and Modern Classics.

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