Which One? Both Suit Me

Which One Do I Buy When Both Colours Suit Me?

Ezibuy Blouses & CamisHave you ever faced the choice when you find a style that suits you and two of the colours or patterns look good on you?

The first challenge is – Can I afford to buy both? If the answer is ‘yes’, the simple solution is to buy both. Before you clutter your wardrobe, stop and think a minute.

Buying Both – Whether the items are for work or casual wear, consider –

‘Will I be happy to wear both colours (or a plain colour and a patterned one) regularly so that I get value from my purchase?’

‘Can I wear each so that they look a little bit different from each other?’

‘Does it worry me if other people see me wearing a favourite style in two different colours or patterns?’

‘Are they in my favourite colours or colours that make my eyes and face sparkle so that I will feel good wearing them and get compliments?’

‘Are they well-made & am I happy to look after them according to the care instruction label?’

Buying One Only – If you have to choose between two choices, ask yourself these questions –

‘Am I buying this for a special occasion and which colour or pattern is best suited for that?’

‘Which colour or pattern reflects the impression I want to give about me eg sensual, energetic, calm, dependable etc?’

‘Which of these will go with the clothes and accessories I already have?’

‘How many items do I already own in this colour or pattern and am I happy to add one more to my wardrobe?’

By stopping for a minute and asking yourself these questions before making a buying decision, you can avoid decisions you will regret later. You will also have clothes and accessories that you enjoy wearing regularly.

PS – These blouses & matching camis are from www.ezibuy.com.au and on the whole, have got good reviews with many purchasers buying more than one colour.

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