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Modern Dressing:

These articles on dressing tips for the modern Baby Boomer Woman have been sent over the last 4 years to readers of ‘The Fashion Translator’ eZine and now renamed as ‘Baby Boomer Personal Style’

Latest Article:

The Baby Boomer Woman’s Guide to Looking Younger than Your Age – read my 3-point guide that gives you the secrets to choosing the age you want to be perceived as looking and being

Previous Articles:

‘Svelte in Style’ – eBook Review – read my review on Jill Chiver’s & Imogen Lamport’s eBook on how to ‘feel good’ and ‘look good’ while you lose weight

Ooh! I Can Wear That Now – read how you can make a sneaky alteration so that ankle-zip pants can now become part of your wardrobe

Goodbye, Old Twinset. Hello, the Modern Version – Read how the classic twinset has evolved and how you can modernise it in three easy ways

Seven Steps to a Polished Professional Image – Read how to create a memorable, polished and professional impression with everyone you meet.

Colour Speaks Louder Than You Think – Read about the positive messages from seven popular colours.

WARNING: The Colours You Wear Can Chase People Away – Colour sends many messages. Are you dressing consciously or unconsciously each day?

Layering Winter Woolies with Modern Style – Three new ideas for Baby Boomer women so you can layer your jumpers and cardigans with flair & style

When You Need to Wear a Suit Jacket – What to look for in a modern suit jacket when you need to look professional.

Coloured Jeans – Dead, Dying or Must Have – Coloured Jeans are still here. Read my pros, cons, how to wear them in stylish flattering ways and whether they will last.

The Power of Contrast – How you can dress well, feel fabulous and receive lots of compliments when you tap into the power of this tip.

How to Look Slimmer Instantly – Read 3 simple tips that work. No plastic surgery involved.

The Mood of Accessories – Costume Designers for movies do this very effectively. Now you can learn simple tips to change the perception of who you are.

The Five Images of Success – Dressing well is one Success Image but do you know what the other four are?

The ‘In’ Colours for 2013 – click to read the interesting facts behind who decides just what colours will be in fashion for every season for every year

A Secret Colour Scheme that ALWAYS Works – Learn how applying the principles of CPR to this colour scheme lifts you from deadly boring to feeling smashing.

Two of a Kind Fashions – read the joys and challenges of buying fashion items by the pair – either identical or fraternal

Fashion Rules to Ignore in 2013 – discover 3 fashion rules that I believe every Baby Boomer woman should ignore next year and forever

Three Essential Fashion Tools Every Woman Needs – discover my 3 essential fashion tools that every baby boomer woman needs to know herself positively

Peplums – stylish adaptions and variations for women over 40

What Sean Connery and the Sexiest Men Alive Can Teach You – the simple guide to being attractive to most people you meet

Smart or Stylish – How to Tell the Difference – the simple fashion translator guide to the difference between smart and stylish. It is easier than you think.

Why Smart Women wear Horizontal Stripes – your guide for how to wear horizontal stripes that are interesting, stylish and modern

How to Confidently Wear Black and Royal Blue Together – tips to help you combine these classic colour and look modern and stylish.

The Rear View – tips to help you appreciate and celebrate your rear view

16 Features of Savvy Internet Fashion Sites – a guide to helping women over 40 find the most customer-friendly fashion websites

Practical Tips for Accentuating Your Best Body Feature – Simple, practical hints on how to use colour, style and accessories to draw attention to the body part that makes you unique

Accentuate Your Best Body Feature – Develop your signature style by finding, acknowledging & celebrating your best body feature

Monetise Your Wardrobe for Success – read how you can apply sound financial principles to make your wardrobe an active partner to help you succeed faster

What Do You Try On When Shopping for New Clothes? – three tips to help you dress well and discover your personal style

Skin-tone Colours – Approach Them with Extreme Caution – how to avoid the embarrassment of looking naked when wearing skin-tone colours

Adding Style to an All Black Outfit  – read some hints and tips to add pizazz to your all-black outfits

Sale Items – Real Bargains or Lemons – learning to sale shop wisely is a modern dressing skill every woman needs to master

How to Love What You Buy and Wear It More Often – tips to help you buy buy great clothes that fit you perfectly and are versatile to wear

Encouraging Eye Contact for Business, Networking & Speaking – use the power of wearing your special eye colours to draw people to you

Shopping for New Additions to Your Wardrobe – copy or adapt my simple system for finding new additions to add to your wardrobe

What Your Neckline Says About You – read about the best way to show your openness and self-confidence, wrinkles or no wrinkles.

The Emotion of Your Hair Colour – there is something more important than the colour of your hair as you age

Out of Date, Out of Sight, Out You Go – read three tips for regularly getting rid of out-of-date clothes from your wardrobe.

I’ll Visit an Image Consultant when I Lose Weight – tips for looking good whatever your weight is now

What Your Hair Says About You – the fastest way to an instant makeover or a dressing disaster

Oh No! It’s Professional Photo Time!– read some tips for getting right one of the three elements of great professional photos

Bring out the Princess in You – discover the secrets and versatility of modern princess line clothes

Bring Out the Princess in You – Update – see how Queen Elizabeth wears the modern Princess Line

Looking Younger – Instant Fix or New Habits – why dressing well is learning new habits rather than seeking magical fixes

The Fear of Becoming Invisible When Over 40 – the yes, no and maybe of worrying about being overlooked & unnoticed after you turn 40

I Will Wear Those New Clothes Soon. Yeah, Sure! – tips for when you have bought new clothes and still haven’t worn them months later

Are You Typecast or The Real You? – 3 habits to help you avoid being an unchanging version of yourself

Who Shall I Be – Kim, Cate or Me? – are celebrities good dress role models for business and professional women over 40

How to Be an Adventurous Shopper – 3 tips to help you get more out of exploring new dress shops

Are Plunging Necklines Worth It? – how to break the rules and wear plunging necklines with style

Fashionable Winter Wardrobe for the Everyday Woman – simple tips to delight you and update your wardrobe

A Smart Male’s Perspective on the LBD – how to take the little black dress from boring to wow

Does My Tummy Look Big in This? – hints to give the illusion of having a smaller, flatter tummy

Fashion – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow – how to interpret articles on top fashion trends of the season

Autumn Fashion Trends 2012 – my comments on the Top 10 Trends for Autumn 2012

Autumn – Your Season has Arrived – what to add to your wardrobe if you are have Autumn colouring

Belt it Up Girl – how to use the magic of belts even if your waist is not the size it once was

Feminine without the Fussy Bits – how to look feminine and strong/classy/ or a bit feminine without a bow, frill or any lace in sight

Why are You All Dolled Up? – understanding why others criticise the way you are dressed

2011 – Heart Photos  – Balancing the good and the bad of your wardrobe choices

Beware! Fashion Speed Bumps Ahead! -Recycled fashion styles to make you slow down and think twice

Catalogue Gripes – second best is not good enough for today’s over 40 woman

New Christmas Stars are Shining Bright – give yourself permission to shine brightly & be truly yourself

Thoughts on Dropping a Dress Size – The Dream, The Reality & The Illusion of dropping a dress size

When It’s OK to Cheat to Drop a Dress Size –  Cheating using Colours, Styles & Good Alterations to look smaller

Fashion Notes from Europe – Autumn 2011

More Fashion Notes from Europe – Europe’s favourite scarf styles

For the Frill of It – My no-nonsense guide to fri8lls & ruffles

How to Dress Well – Fit Well, Feel Beautiful & Top Dollar or Bargain Basement

How to Measure Yourself Accurately – accurate bust, waist & hip measurements

Keeping Jewellery Close at Hand – 3 ways to store your jewellery for easy reach

Make the Change Room Mirror Your Friend – 3 steps for making the most of the change room mirror

Miracle Jeans – Are They All Hype – How to get the most out of today’s jeans that promise the world

Plan B Dressing – How to be prepared for an y dressing disaster

Plan B Dressing – Quick grab and go tips for changing your clothes when things go wrong

Spring 2011 – Your Season has Arrived – spring 2011 dressing tips

Stockings – Sensual or Sensible? – do not give up the sensual after you turn 40

The Secret Lives of Our Clothes – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the clothes in our wardrobe

To Sleeve or Not to Sleeve – Do not buy into the lie that you must now cover up your arms once you hit 40 +

You Heard it First … Here – Are Jeggings a Fashion Fad or a Fashion Trend

The Benefits of Baldness – an article for men on making the most of your receding hairline

How to Dress when Losing Weight:

The New Me  – Who is She? – how to dress when in the middle of losing weight

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