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2014 Colour of the Year

What the 2014 ‘Colour of the Year’ Means to You

2014 -Royal Orchid - Colour of the YearA colour is chosen each year by Global Colour Authority, Pantone, to represent the feelings, moods and attitudes of world-wide consumers. It is not necessarily the hot fashion colour of the moment. It is all about gauging the world’s emotional health.

Radiant Orchid is this year’s colour. It is a confidence colour that is said to ‘encourage creativity and originality’.

Pantone calls it a versatile shade. I disagree.

It is a subdued colour that will suit women with soft and cool colouring. It will look fine on them but it lacks the flattering ‘wow’ element, especially as they are suggesting teaming it with grey, beige and taupe as in the illustration. For Baby Boomer women, it is close to a dull ‘menopausal purple’ shade.

Diana Ferrari "Nina' dressThe colour will appear in cosmetics, paints and home wares and appeal as a soft and gentle shade. Some international designers may use the colour. For most of us it will mean that retailers may stock purples and fuchsia colours (like this Diana Ferrari lace Dress) which are the more attractive versions of ‘Royal Orchid’.

There will still be a variety of colours around. We will not be swamped with royal orchid, purple or fuchsia clothes and accessories.

Pantone has chosen a colour which says that ‘originality & creativity’ are becoming more valued by society. As the Internet shrinks the world, those who are original will flourish. Take the message.

Dress to be an ‘original you’. Appreciate what makes you unique and share that with quiet pride.

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