Combining Blue and Green

Blue & Green Should Never Be Seen – Wrong!

After the last ‘Spots & Stripes Together’ article, I posted a comment re other old dress rules on my ‘Fashion Over 40’ Group on Facebook. A member added ‘Blue & Green should never be seen’.

Here’s how you can wear Blue & Green Together by following these three principles.

Contrast – Cool Blue with a Warm Green
Unequal Proportions – More of one colour, less of the other
An Irregular Pattern – see below

Blue Dress, Warm Green Cardigan - from 'Threads' magazineContrast – Cool Blue works best when combined with a Warm Green. Turquoise is the best Warm Green for all women. Cool Blue combined with Olive, Chartreuse, Avocado or similar shades like this dress & jacket combo from ‘Threads’ magazine works best for Extroverts who like wearing High Contrast combinations. On the left you will see it has a blue handbag but is toned down a little with all gold accessories.

Check your Personal Colour Palette for Blue & Warm Green colour combinations that are perfect for you.

Blue & Green W Lane Blouse & CamiUnequal Proportions – More of one colour than the other is pleasing to our eyes because the world around us is not perfectly equal. The W Lane model is wearing a medium Turquoise cami with a blouse that has Cool Blue & Navy with splashes of Turquoise in it. She is wearing Turquoise accessories.

Client with Navy dress & Turquoise necklaceNavy is a cool classic colour that always works with a medium Turquoise. When recently styling a client’s wardrobe, she was happy to see she could combine her new Turquoise necklace with Navy and how great it looked over her dress.

Mc Calls pattern 6073Irregular Pattern – Like the W Lane shirt or this Mc Calls 6073 pattern, Cool Blue & Warm Turquoise are combined with navy to create irregular patterns which are not as stark as the Blue dress and Warm Green cardigan above. Your eyes flow over the pattern. The model is accessorised with all soft Cool Blue accessories except for one soft Turquoise Green bangle for effect.

Blue & Green should never be seen. Of course, they should and now you know how to do it.

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