Colour Tips

The psychology of ColourColour Psychology for Life, Work & Dressing:

These short articles on colours, their meaning and how to wear them have been sent over the last 4 years to readers of ‘The Fashion Translator’ eZine and now renamed as ‘Baby Boomer Personal Style’ eZine.

Colour Speaks Louder Than You Think – Read about the positive messages from seven popular colours.

WARNING: The Colours You Wear Can Chase People Away – Colour sends many messages. Are you dressing consciously or unconsciously each day?

Cream – A Special Treat for Special Occasions

Decorating Your Nest

The Colours of Xmas Food

Magenta – a Practical Colour for Spiritual People

Maroon – Courage Against the Odds

Lemon – Sweet or Sour

Pink – A Girl or a Boy Colour

Apricot & Peach – Naturally Charming & Graceful

A Simple Way to Co-ordinate Colours using the Internet 

Yellow – Not Just for Extroverts

Red – Never Passive

Blue – a Favourite Colour of Men

Green – a Colour of Mixed Emotions

Orange – Love It or Hate It

Purple – Power and Royalty

Turquoise – Dreaming of Tropical Waters

Aqua – Relax in Mediterranean Waters

Olive Green – Inner Strength & Endurance

Gold – In or Out of Favour

Silver – the Soft Feminine Touch

Black – Safe or Mysterious

White – Clean as Copy Paper

Black & White – Combine It Your Way

Grey – A Bit Ambiguous & Under-rated

Brown – Your Connection to the Earth

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