Short Image Bites

This page lists links to Short Image Tips for the modern Baby Boomer Women to help you look modern and stylish, one small step at a time. These tips are alternated every second week with longer articles and sent out before August 2013 to readers of  ‘The Fashion Translator’ eZine now renamed as ‘Baby Boomer Personal Style’ eZine.

2014 Colour of the Year – Global Colour Authority, Pantone, has chosen the 2014 ‘Colour of the Year’. Read my review on what it means to you and how it may affect your life.

Which One Do I Buy When Both Colours Suit Me?  – Some questions to ask yourself before you buy more than one colour or pattern in the same style.

Fads, Trends & Modern Classics – What Do They Mean? – When you understand how these three aspects of fashion work, you can learn to make wiser fashion choices.

Blue & Green Should Never Be Seen – Wrong! – Learn how you can break this old fashion rule by following these simple principles.

Yes. You Can Combine Spots & Stripes –Spots and stripes can be worn in the one outfit without looking clownish. Click the link to read how you can stylishly combine them together using three simple rules.

How to Wear Accessory Sets the Modern Way – Do you love your 2-piece matching accessory sets but have been told they are dated? Click the link to read how you can still wear them with this sneaky modern formula.

Dress Sizing Insanity – read my comments on dress sizing that now starts on one website at size 000 and goes up in ½ sizes to Size 4.5

Two Simple Ways to Update Any of Your Clothes Instantly – read how wearing this one modern accessory will instantly and stylishly update any of your clothes. Tip 2 adds the finishing touch.

Add Metal to Your LBD – read about another option to accessorise your LBD or LBO to look agelessly stylish and modern

How to Wear Tone on Tone Colour – Use this very simple dressing principle to make wearing all the same shade of a single colour look modern and stylish

The Modern Midi – How to wear a Midi length with fashion, comfort and style

How to Wear a Modern Chanel Jacket – Everything old can be made new again. Click through to read how to make the timeless Chanel Jacket look modern.

The Future of Jeans – Modern technology is revolutionising jeans for Gen X and Baby Boomers as an offshoot of the ‘anti-aging’ movement.

Sorbet – My review of a fashion shop for baby boomers and women over 40

Wear Your Secret Inspirations – Read how you can personalise and inspire yourself by adding embroidered words or pictures to your shirts or blouses.

15 Best Summer Outfits for Work – Review – Read how you can copy the style and colour tips from No 11 of the 15 best summer outfits for work.

Little Red Dress … or Little Red Top  – how to wear a red dress so that it is as versatile as the Little Black Dress

Colour Blocking Above Your Bust  – a simple and always smart style that suits every Baby Boomer woman

Trumpet Hemlines – how to add a bit of femininity or sensuality to your wardrobe

Hem Adjuster Clips – new idea to take up hems without sewing

Peplums – stylish adaptions and variations for Baby Boomer women

Most Sophisticated Skirt/Dress Lengthread my tip on the best skirt or dress length for modesty and style

Most Sophisticated Casual Pants Length – read my short tip on how to flash  your shapely ankle with style

New Fashion Terms – Coatigan & Vestigan – have some fun as you learn two new fashion terms you can use

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