eBook Review – Svelte in Style

‘Svelte in Style – How to look and feel great while losing weight

an eBook by Jill Chivers & Imogen Lamport. Sweet Price – US$27.00

ebook Review - 'Svelte in Style'I am always interested in what other people write about dressing – particularly in areas where I do not want to specialise.

This eBook is one I came across through Facebook.  I have met Jill Chivers personally and Imogen Lamport has her own Image Consultant Training business in Melbourne.

‘Svelte in Style’ packs a lot in one eBook. It is almost a complete system for the do-it-yourselfer about to start or re-start your weight-loss journey. Jill writes the first section on ‘feeling good’ and Imogen writes the second section on ‘looking good’. There are two bonus sections. Annette Sym writes on ‘eating healthily’ and Amanda Cox writes on ‘exercising healthily’.

You can use this either as a full program or as an additional boost to any other slimming program. The eBook combines the theory with lots of practical exercises to pick and choose from. Here are what I consider to be the gems in this book.

On page 15, Jill covers one of most women’s biggest mistakes and that is – ‘a life suspended’ while you focus totally and often obsessively on weight loss. As part of the section on ‘self-care’, Jill includes tips to inspire you to explore and expand your mind, your horizons and your skills so that your awareness is on expansion rather than deprivation.

Imogen gives you lots to read on ‘looking good’. I suggest you read the story on page 77 to help you change your mindset from ‘if it fits, it will do’ to saying ‘no’ to anything less than your best colours and styles even if they fit. This is a game-changing way of dressing. On page 90, Imogen looks at ‘a life suspended’ from a dressing viewpoint and reveals a secret tip for enjoying wearing clothes that fit at all your weight-loss stages. Go back to page 37 to read Imogen’s story about a sneaky tip on men’s attitude that you can use when trying on new clothes during your weight-loss journey.

Losing weight isn’t just about a goal to conquer and that’s it. It is about maintaining a healthy, steady weight for the rest of your life. So read page 122 for Annette’s healthy eating maintenance tips. Also read pp 139 & 140 for Amanda’s practical tips for including purposeful activity in your daily life.

This eBook is a smorgasbord of  great inspiration, tips, exercises and recommended resources.

My Tip – To avoid overwhelm, do not try to do it all. Start with what resonates and what you can easily do. Then gradually add more as your confidence and self-esteem improves.

D'Svelte in Style' eBookisclaimer – I am now an affiliate seller of this eBook & I receive a commission on sales through this link. I am recommending it because I believe that its value, especially the parts I have emphasised, are worth much more than the price you pay for it.

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Book Review – ‘Does This Make Me Look Fat’

‘Does This Make Me Look Fat’ by Leah Feldon was published in 2000.

It claims to have ‘the definitive rules for dressing thin for every height and budget’.

Leah calls her rules ‘camaflouge chic’. They’re all good basic rules that still apply although Leah leans towards a wardrobe based on classics in dark neutrals and monochromatic colours.

She does cover hints for all body shapes as well as nine pages of camaflouge tips for men.

The book is peppered with inspiring quotes. Check Leah out at

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Book Review – ‘Going Gray’

Going Gray’ is written by Anne Kreamer.

This was published in 2007 and is the story of an American journalist’s journey into letting her hair go grey.

Anne also look at current and entrenched attitudes to grey-haired women in the workforce, family and dating. Along the way, she learns from some Image Consultants that having grey hair doesn’t mean she couldn’t be stylish. (Yes! I totally agree!) And Anne discovered that men of all ages do find a confident grey-haired woman extremely attractive.

While the book ends on a positive note, Anne reminds you that choosing to go grey comes with challenges. Check her out at

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‘How Not to Look Old’

How Not to look Old - Review ‘How Not to look Old – Fast and effortless ways to look 10 years younger, 10 pounds lighter, 10 times better’ by Charla Krupp was recommended to me by a friend. It was first published in hard cover in 2008 for the American market and targets women who really cannot afford to let themselves go because of personal and financial reasons.

This book covers the many aging challenges we women over 40 face. (Maybe our mothers had it easier. They could age without all this emphasis on looking ’10 years younger, 10 pounds lighter & 10 times better’. Too late now! We baby boomers live in different times.)

There is good advice in ‘How Not to Look Old’ that every woman can use. Charla goes from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.

Do the quiz in Chapter 1 to find out whether you are high, medium or low maintenance. (You probably know this already. It’s just good to be able to say to your husband or partner ‘See! I am not as high maintenance as you think!)

Each chapter starts with ‘Nothing ages you like …’ and is your anti-aging checklist. At the end of each chapter Charla tells you what to buy in all price ranges and where to find it (great when shopping in the US or searching for anti-aging products and services on the web). She covers hair, makeup, clothes, underwear and accessories.

As an Image Consultant and Baby Boomer Personal Stylist, I agree with most of what Charla says. I’ve just taught them to my clients using different words.

Books like ‘How Not to Look Old’ can feel overwhelming by the time you get to the last chapter. There are lots of dos and don’ts in these types of books. My suggestion is to pick three areas to start with and then consistently apply just one tip from each of those chapters for the next three months. If you like the result, you can come back to the book and choose three more tips to apply. That way you get real value from the book and others will notice you looking younger, standing taller and acting more confident.

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