Margaret Sims is The Baby Boomer Personal Stylist. I help you translate Modern Fashion into your unique style so that you, as a Baby Boomer woman,  always feel happy when wearing your clothes.

I love helping you find the best clothes, ignore the rest and show you how to wear them in interesting ways. There will also be a bit of humour as Life and Fashion is not all serious.

I am a Colour & Image Educator and I trained with both Beauty for all Seasons & The Australian Image Company.

I am a registered Image Consultant with The Australian Image Company.

I am the owner of YourFutureDirection and my website is http://www.yourfuturedirection.com.au

If you feel that you like what your see and read on this Blog, sign up for the ‘Baby Boomer Personal Style’ eZine delivered free every Thursday:

*  Get Tips on how to translate modern fashion into clothes you love to wear
*  Learn simple Insider secrets you can easily apply
*  ‘Aha’ moments
*  Enjoy a laugh as you read of the fashion industry and my fashion follies
*  Special Offers, Discounts and Free Excerpts from my upcoming eBook Programs

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Connect with Margaret:

Ezine Articles  – click on the Image on the left.

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/BabyBoomerPersonalStylist

Pinterest – http://pinterest.com/bboomerstylist/

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