The Benefits of Baldness

I am sitting here at my computer writing this article while looking at the photo of a bald man. Why? You ask.

Well it was prompted by a reply I got from a male friend to my last Newsletter about women going grey. And he said ‘At least women don’t go bald!’ That set me thinking about baldness.

He is right. There is a condition, which I cannot spell correctly, about the few women who do go bald but it is generally something that we women don’t think much about for ourselves. The photo of the bald man is my husband and he was going bald when I first met him in my early twenties. He had the dreaded comb-over which thankfully most men have given up these days. I have taken less notice of his hairline than he thinks but that comment from a male friend got me thinking.

Some men have embraced the totally bald head as their personal statement. And some temporarily shave their heads for charity.

Whether it is or isn’t a choice, how do you make the most of a receding hairline?

All change is a chance to bring out a new side of yourself.  Over many years of being aware of what bald men do, here are some of my suggestions for making the most of what God gives you.

Go for it and emphasise your eyes. People will be attracted to you as a gentle person if you wear shirts or ties that are the same or deeper than your eye colour. For some men a beard and a moustache is a way to soften the angular lines and any deep wrinkles on their face. Choose a beard shape that suits you. And sometimes it’s interesting to watch what colours appear in your beard, especially if it’s red. It may be a chance to add new colours to your wardrobe.

And if that’s not enough our youngest son’s comment to his dad years ago might help you –‘I wish I had your hairstyle’ he said, ‘then it wouldn’t get in my eyes when I’m swimming.’

I have read that scientists claim that the baldness gene comes through the mother not the father. So it is our fault girls. Sure!

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The Change Room Mirror Story – for Men

It isn’t just women who can accidentally wear colours that make them look naked from a distance. For men looking naked above the waist does not cause any adverse reaction from society.

A client told me a story and I have her permission to repeat it. She was at the beach and glanced towards the ocean and did a double take. There was a man who looked naked below the waist (no it wasn’t a secluded or a nudist beach). On the second look he was wearing swimmers in a colour and pattern that from a distance, merged with his skin colour and gave the impression that he was naked.

So stand as far away from the mirror as possible and check how your swimmers look as well as checking out that shirt pattern and your physique.

And if necessary, use the same 3 step process I’ve given in the women’s ‘Modern Dressing’ category.

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