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Accentuate Your Best Body Feature

There’s an old song that goes ‘Accentuate the positive; eliminate the negative; don’t mess with Mr in-between’. Great words.

Too often I hear women over 40 worrying constantly about their negative body bits. The media is full of articles telling us women how to disguise our faults. When that all seems too hard, we fall into the in-between. These are the ‘so-so’ clothes that are neither flattering nor disguising but just plain boring.

This article is a celebration of the best of you. When you dress to accentuate your best body feature all or most of the time, you show your self-confidence. You also stand out as a leader who is making the most of her strengths. In the different ways you draw attention to your best body feature, you learn creativity and give the visual impression of being a modern, forward-thinking woman. Wow!

Here is some inspiration to help you find, acknowledge and creatively accentuate your best body feature.

Step 1 – Find It

Not always as simple as it sounds as I can hear the silent moans – ‘But Margaret I really have no best feature. I am boringly normal.’ We will deal with this first. Here’s a starting list – your eyes, eyelashes, hair, face shape, long neck, your figure, height, arms, hands, legs or feet. Something about one of these features causes others to notice you and comment positively on it. You may have dismissed the compliment. Now is the time to remember those words or ask your partner or friends what they think is your best physical feature and why. The ‘why’ will be essential later. Another alternative is to come to me for an unbiased, positive assessment of your best feature.

On the other side are those of you who know your best feature. You have been complimented on it all your life and wish it would go away because you feel you are more than your blue eyes etc. You may be one of those who know your best feature and either hide it or do not know how to accentuate it.

Step 2 – Acknowledge It

You have been given your best feature to be uniquely ‘you’. It is part of you and something that will help you on your life’s journey like Paul Newman’s blue eyes. Be grateful for it. It is there to help you enjoy being you first. That is self-confidence. Then it is there to attract others to you. They need it as a beacon to find you and give you a life message or lesson, or come to you to receive or learn something from you or to join you as part of your business or personal tribe.

The most important part of acknowledgment is that it is for you first. You have been given soft eyes to develop your gentleness; a strong face shape to develop your focused determination or your long fingers to be playful or elegant. Making the most of yourself first is about appreciating who you are physically as well as mentally and emotionally. Women who find, acknowledge and celebrate their best feature become a leader who inspires other to do the same and make the most of themselves too.

Step 3 – Celebrate It

Short-term happiness is finding one item that accentuates and enhances your best body feature. Long-term happiness is developing your best feature throughout the rest of your life. It is acknowledging your long fingers (for example) and celebrating them by learning all the different ways you can accentuate them. That may be experimenting with your nail shapes and colours, finding elegant, dramatic or fun rings, watches or bracelets and looking for interesting sleeve styles and accents that draw attention down to your hands. Your long fingers become a source of physical and visual enjoyment for you. Whatever that leads to is a bonus.

First and foremost, develop and celebrate what is uniquely special about the physical you. You will be one of the few who do as many other women have not discovered that personally satisfying pleasure yet.

Last Words

Accentuating your best body feature is playing to your strengths. It is also one of the three ways to develop your ‘signature style’.

PS – Next article will have more practical hints for developing other unique body features. If you can’t wait, contact me to organise your private session to help you find and develop your most positive body feature.

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