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New Christmas Stars are Shining Bright

I love Christmas and not for the reason you think.

Yes it’s time for gift giving and celebrations with family and friend. As an Image Consultant I see something extra this year. I see more women giving themselves permission to play and to shine brightly.

There are new stars I have discovered around me this year.

What has brought this dramatic change?

Christmas is a time for reflection and giving thanks for the year that is coming to a close. In the last year a jewellery designer has started to put herself out there. Kassandra makes stone and silver jewellery. As more women (including me) have started to buy and wear her jewellery, they have discovered the magic of playing with colour and accessories to be the woman they want to be. Play has re-entered their lives.

At Christmas women feel safe and give themselves permission to wear the flashing earrings, necklaces and brooches and even tie the tinsel belt around their waist. Out also come the reds and in Australia, the bright tropical colours of a beach summer. With this, bodies stand straighter, eyes sparkle and men dreamily remember the young girl they fell in love with years ago.

Here’s my Christmas gift to you if you choose to accept it. Re-discover the joys of playing ‘dress up’. Let you Christmas star shine all year. Your choice of accessories adds this sparkle.

Keep It Simple

To look and feel elegant and sophisticated wear medium to deep coloured clothes with accessories that are close in colour to that. Wear a medium to chocolate brown with a similar or slightly darker brown coloured necklace or belt. Alternatively you can wear a medium turquoise top with a similar coloured necklace, earrings or brooch.

If you want to look and feel feminine and delicate, wear light or pale coloured clothes with light coloured soft accessories. This might be a soft pink or cream top worn with delicate pearls or pale pink or silver earrings and necklace.

Raise the Bar a Little

To look and feel enthusiastic, fun or inspiring wear warm-toned toned colours with bright accessories. This could be a patterned tomato or watermelon red top with a bright red or pink necklace as one of the new Christmas stars wore yesterday. Try a violet (red-purple) top with the same bright red or pink necklace.

To look and feel confident and powerful wear a medium colour with light and dark accessories. One of the new stars yesterday wore a coffee brown dress with a dark brown and silver necklace and earrings. A client star wore a turquoise top with silver accessories.

Be a Star

For those who want to shine or need to be remembered, wear light coloured clothes with dark abstract or dramatic accessories. These get you noticed and stimulate your creative juices. Do this by wearing a white jacket with a dramatic black and white belt, necklace or brooch.

Go the opposite. Wear dark clothes with light coloured accessories to look dramatic, dignified or powerful as this regular star does. Yes this can be black clothes with any light coloured, silver or gold accessories or scarf.

I can inspire you but only you can give yourself permission to play and shine. Change the tone and contrast of your accessories and you can be a different woman for a day, a season or the rest of your life. And I may find more new Christmas stars next year.

These accessory tips are adapted from ‘Accessory Magic’ (a TAIC product) which at the moment, is out of print.

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How to Dress Well

I do not agree with everything stylists and fashion writer say we should do and wear. From my local library, I picked up the August 2010 issue of Oprah Magazine and do agree with O’s Creative Director, Adam Glassman – well one sentence. In ‘Bargain Outfits’ he said that clothes and accessories just need to fit well and make you feel beautiful.

I believe that advice applies to women, whatever our clothing budget or spur-of-the-moment spending is.

Fit Well

If an item does not fit well and look good on you, it is a waste of money and creating negative energy in your life. There is a proviso – if it can be altered to fit perfectly and you have the alterations done, that is a positive. Leather shoes will stretch. Leather shoes too small won’t. (Yes, I write from vain experience.) boxy jackets, skirts at an aging length, too revealing necklines, too tight and dolman or batwing sleeves that widen your upper body – all are poor fit.

Learn what styles suit your body shape, reveal your feminine shape and be comfortable not in pain. Use the secret weapon of shapewear to look fabulous when it is important to you.

Feel Beautiful

There is no point buying clothes unless you feel beautiful wearing them. Clothes are about lifting your energy when you put them on and creating happy memories around the occasions you wear them. So if you feel dowdy, old and unhappy in your current clothes, it’s time to learn more about modern styles and how to wear them.

Sometimes we persist with annoying and uncomfortable things in clothes that could easily be fixed. Cut off that scratchy, annoying label, find a camisole to wear under that revealing top and replace or remove trims and buttons you don’t like.

The material and its texture also have to look and feel beautiful when you wear it. If your wardrobe is full of ‘same old, same old’ materials, explore new materials and styles. Imagine opening your wardrobe and thinking ‘How do I want my clothes to feel on me today?’ Then choose to fill your wardrobe with clothes that make you feel beautiful.

Top Dollar or Bargain Price

No matter how much we earn or have we women, including Oprah, all love a bargain. It’s a bargain if it looks good on you, is modern in style and can be worn a few different ways with other clothes and/or accessories. It is not a bargain if it is restricted to only one way of wearing it.

You can make a cheap item look fantastic and more upmarket with quality accessories. Alternatively a quality classic item can look fantastic with cheap accessories as long as the accessories truly reflect your personality.

Top brands can be found at discount outlets and discount retailers or at the sales. The trick is to buy classics with a touch of difference. They will stay stylish for years.

So I believe that dressing well is fit, feel and how you put it all together.


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