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Looking Younger – Instant Fix Or New Habits

One of my goals at the beginning of this year was to ‘join Ezine Articles’. Three little words with the possibility of potential or regret – just like our attitude to looking younger.

Let me explain.

When starting something new – whether it be joining Ezine Articles, going to a workshop, starting networking or dressing to look the best possible version of you, you are faced with two choices. Try something new once only and it is the constant search for an instant fix. It may be plastic surgery, botox, a makeover or a colour consultation that is bought or done once and then you move on in search of the next magic fix.

The smart women do something very different. They realise that the makeover, the colour consultation or even joining Ezine Articles is the first step in developing a new habit.

Instant fixes leave you feeling disappointed and full of regret. Creating new habits give you a feeling of excitement because it leads to mastery of a skill. Every small success along the way leaves you with a feeling of joy and satisfaction.

Here are my three dressing tips for quiet achieving business and professional women over 40 to help you create new rest-of-life habits for looking younger.

Accentuating Your Positives

 Bring a smile to your face by aiming to always accentuate the positive things about you. Doing the opposite and always trying to hide your negatives leads to constant worry and the fear that you did not hide them well enough.

Do you have tiny feet? Then find and wear gorgeous shoes that bring attention to your feet and shoe-lovers will seek you out. Do you have nice hands or long fingers? Then experiment with nail colours and always wear rings and bracelets. Make your feet or your hands a signature feature of you.

Do you love florals, animal prints or like to look elegant? Then find different ways to express those loves and wear them often enough to feel good about yourself. Sometimes the joy and satisfaction is in the success of discovering and wearing small things that reinforce who you are to you first.

Face First

This is the best life-long habit to develop and the one that others will notice and compliment you on. It is – keep your hairstyle modern and your makeup light and enhanced natural.

The phrase ‘eye contact’ is really more than these two words. It is your whole face and hair that draws people to you and keeps them focused on your face. Then they listen to what you say.

Make a friend of your hairdresser. Hair colour today is multi-tonal which reflects natural hair with a bit more oomph. Light colours close to your face, whether it be lighter foils, a slightly lowered neckline, a skin-coloured scarf or a necklace base in soft gold or skin-coloured cord, make you face look younger and more vibrant.

As you age, go a little lighter and softer with your foundation, lipstick and eye shadows. Be a natural woman rather than an aging, painted doll.

Learn New Dressing Skills

Fashion and dressing always reflect changes in the attitudes and lifestyles of young adults. We baby-boomers relaxed the post-war dressing of our mothers just as Generation Y is relaxing our dressing styles. As the new becomes common, the smartest women follow.

The new habit to learn (or remember) is to adapt not adopt. Your goal is not to try to be 20 again. It is to ‘think 20’ and take the best and leave the rest. This is where I, as the Fashion Translator, and any woman whose modern style you admire become your educators and your role models. Scarves are an old stand-by and learning how to wear them like this Generation Y look from www.chicos.com instantly updates your look.

Making mistakes is part of creating new habits. Mistakes make great stories provided you eventually learn from them.

Last Words

I believe that the phrase ’look younger’ is negative. I much prefer you to create or continue habits that help you become more of a shining and quietly confident version of you every day.

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‘How Not to Look Old’

How Not to look Old - Review ‘How Not to look Old – Fast and effortless ways to look 10 years younger, 10 pounds lighter, 10 times better’ by Charla Krupp was recommended to me by a friend. It was first published in hard cover in 2008 for the American market and targets women who really cannot afford to let themselves go because of personal and financial reasons.

This book covers the many aging challenges we women over 40 face. (Maybe our mothers had it easier. They could age without all this emphasis on looking ’10 years younger, 10 pounds lighter & 10 times better’. Too late now! We baby boomers live in different times.)

There is good advice in ‘How Not to Look Old’ that every woman can use. Charla goes from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.

Do the quiz in Chapter 1 to find out whether you are high, medium or low maintenance. (You probably know this already. It’s just good to be able to say to your husband or partner ‘See! I am not as high maintenance as you think!)

Each chapter starts with ‘Nothing ages you like …’ and is your anti-aging checklist. At the end of each chapter Charla tells you what to buy in all price ranges and where to find it (great when shopping in the US or searching for anti-aging products and services on the web). She covers hair, makeup, clothes, underwear and accessories.

As an Image Consultant and Baby Boomer Personal Stylist, I agree with most of what Charla says. I’ve just taught them to my clients using different words.

Books like ‘How Not to Look Old’ can feel overwhelming by the time you get to the last chapter. There are lots of dos and don’ts in these types of books. My suggestion is to pick three areas to start with and then consistently apply just one tip from each of those chapters for the next three months. If you like the result, you can come back to the book and choose three more tips to apply. That way you get real value from the book and others will notice you looking younger, standing taller and acting more confident.

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