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Lemon – Sweet or Sour

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Psychology of the Colour Lemon

Lemon is a mixture of yellow and white. It can be as bright or soft as you wish.

In its brighter shades it is associated with a vibrant, happy personality glowing with positive energy and very adaptable (the sweet side). On its paler, duller side it leans towards the qualities of the loner – self-reliant and often very sensitive to criticism (the sour side).

Lemon enhances blonde hair and contrasts beautifully with blue eyes. Find a shade of lemon you like as most Australian women are not keen on yellow. In the right shade of lemon you will be noticed and remembered, even if you only include the colour in a scarf.

Lemon goes well with pink, turquoise or lime green. Keep all the colours in the same depth for the best effect ie all soft, all medium or all bright shades.

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