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How to Measure Yourself Accurately

When buying clothes on the Internet, it is important to order your correct size. Here’s how to measure yourself accurately to compare against sizing charts.

Bust – the fullest part around the middle of your bust. This is usually over the nipples. Had breast cancer and got different sized busts? Measure yourself across both nipples and take the biggest number.

Waist – around your belly button. For those whose hourglass figure is now a more relaxed curve, it is not where your body curves in the most. (Oops! Our waists have just become bigger.)

Hips – around the fullest part which is usually around the fullest curve of your bottom. You may have to measure a few heights to get the fullest part. For those of you with a tummy, do another measurement around the fullest part of your tummy. Clothes have to skim nicely over both your tummy and your bottom, so take the largest measurement for ease of fit and comfort.

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