Instant Style Update

Two Simple Ways to Update Any of Your Clothes Instantly

I was reminded recently when doing a Personal Style Session on a client’s wardrobe of how to help her update her wardrobe instantly. This is what I advised her with a few extra options.

Modern Shoes - from Big W catalogue, 27 july 2013Tip ONE –
The most obvious instant update is to buy and wear a pair of skin-tone shoes. These have been around a few years and are now a modern classic. Fashion magazine and catalogue Stylists are using them everywhere from the chain store, Big W to Weight Watchers’ magazine where they style women who have lost weight.

You have three options for skin-tone shoes. Dip your toes in the water like the Big W catalogue on the left and wear a shoe that combines skin-tone with black. Go more modern and wear skin-tone, peep-toed, platform-sole shoes or skin-toned wear solid court shoes. The third option is to be bolder and wear skin-tone ankle boots – platform-sole high heels (from ‘Weight Watchers Aug 2013 magazine below), my lower-heeled Diane Ferrari (below) or cut out or strappy styles. If you worry about your legs, wear stockings like I do.

Modern Shoes - from Weight Watchers, Aug 2013 magazineMy Diane Ferari Nude ShoesSkin-tone shoes instantly and stylishly modernise all of your clothes and they go with every colour, even black.

A different option is to choose black or coloured platform-sole shoes, ankle boots or interesting cut-out designs.


Savannah Necklace from SistacoTip TWO –
Add a necklace. Make it a bit interesting like this Sistaco Savannah Necklace so that it define your personality.

In conclusion – Shoes update instantly. Accessories add the final polish.

PS  Before you buy, you can test Tip ONE out. Go to any cheap chain store and pick up some skin-tone shoes in as many styles as possible. Try them out in the privacy of a change room cubicle. Then you can buy them or look for a better quality option elsewhere.

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