Add Metal to Your LBD

B5179 - LBD with Bronze accessoriesThe Little Black Dress (LBD) or the Little Black Outfit (LBO) can be dressed up in many ways.

Here’s one style idea you may not have considered or experimented with before.

The LBD or LBO (Black Pants/Skirt + Black Top) looks very classical when teamed with gold or silver accessories. They can go from feminine to dramatic when coloured accessories are added.

Not many women wear metallic accessories (ie bronze or pewter) with an all-black outfit. The model on the right, in a Butterick 5719 dress pattern, demonstrates this well.

When wearing the dress/skirt option, substitute sheer stockings for black stockings or tights. You want your shoes to shine. (Stop panicking about your legs!) The model is wearing a multi-strand bronze & glass necklace. The necklace needs to stand out not blend into the black fabric. Her wrist cuff bracelet is simple and doesn’t overpower her necklace. Her earrings are a simple, classic gold style to break up the bronze look (3 bronze items are enough). You could go bronze necklace, earrings and shoes with a simple, classic gold watch or narrow gold bracelet.

The shoes are the essential item that makes the LBD or LBO look agelessly stylish and modern.

Follow the same principles if you prefer or have pewter-coloured accessories.

Metallic bronze and pewter also stylishly compliment purple, grape, red and dark olive.

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