Colour Speaks Louder Than You Think

It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. And a picture of you is made up of your natural colours and the clothes and accessories that you wear.

Those colours are speaking loudly to the senses of others. When you meet someone new, you usually see them first from a distance. Their hair and clothing colours are the areas that reach our sub-conscious first. You judge on the hair colour (and often the hairstyle) and reinforce your first impression with their clothing colours. We all do it without thinking even if you protest that you don’t. Lastly, you use their body language and words to either confirm your first colour impression or feel confused by their conflicting signals.

Hopefully as you, a Baby Boomer woman, get older and learn more about different personalities, you give others the time and attention to read their more subtle clues. BUT colour is the first thing that speaks very loudly to your left-brain senses.

Colour can have different meanings in different countries and cultures. In this article, I am concentrating on it from an Australian view which is 95+% compatible with most western cultures.

Also I am concentrating on the positive messages of the following seven colours. I want to help you subconsciously shout out loud positive colour signals.

Be aware that different shades of colours give different messages. These below are general descriptions.

The Primary Colours

Happy Woman in Yellow Floral DressYELLOW – Yellow colours are eye-catching as it takes longer for your eyes to process yellow. In general yellow relates to the sun and it sends out a bright, cheerful and happy signal. That’s why we generally associate blondes with being happy women. Yellow is also the colour of learning and logic.

RED – Red colours are active, romantic, sexy and fiery colours. Quite often we believe that they look best on brunettes but this is not true. Medium red suits every woman. On its positive side, red is a go-getter, confident colour. Red has been deemed the colour for Baby Boomer women in their 60s, probably relating to a time to let loose and really be yourself.

BLUE – Blue colours usually relate to communication. Dark blue has long been associated with business and sends a trusting vibe out to others. Men relate to women dressed in blue as being easy to talk to.

The Secondary Colours

GREEN – Green colours are a mixture of yellow and blue. In general, greens are balancing colours as they are the opposite of the red skin tone of most women. Mid green is an eco-earth colour used to signify caring for the planet. Turquoise (2013 Colour of the Year) in a strong shade projects a commanding Extrovert presence and in a soft shade implies a quiet-achieving Introvert energy.

 Orange Burnout Blouse - from Chicos 2011PURPLE – Purple colours are a mix of red and blue. It has always been a spiritual or royal colour that was once hard to find. The Woman’s Movement adopted purple as one of its logo colours and now purple represents a more refined, elegant, female power colour. In its magenta shade it is a colour that supports the confidence of business women.

ORANGE – Orange is made from red and yellow. Once regarded totally with ‘cheapness’, it has updated its image. Orange is a warm, lively, people colour. Wear a deeper orange and you project a down-to-earth, easy-to-relate-to aura like this 2011 orange burnout blouse from Chicos.

The Seventh Colour

White Shirt from Chicos 2013WHITE – White is my last colour because a white shirt is touted as a woman’s must-have basic like this 2013 white
shirt from Chicos website. Be aware that when you wear white, you shout out an image of purity and complete confidence in your ideas and opinions. You know what you are doing; where you are going and why you believe it is the way to do it.


Last Words

If you own a TAIC or any brand Colour Palette, read the colour descriptions. Use them and these general comments to dress to express how you feel or how you want to feel that day. Notice how a particular colour changes your body language and your words. Then use it to read others with empathy and tolerance.

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For More Reading on Colour Messages

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‘The Complete Book of Colour’ by Suzy Chiazzari


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