The Modern Midi

In 2013 the Midi is being claimed as a fresh new look both in the USA in Oprah April magazine and in Australia in Dressmaking with Stitches magazine.

The Midi is any length from just below the knee to mid-calf. It is a length than can easily label the Baby Boomer woman as old-fashioned and dowdy depending on the style and material. It can either restrict you to very small steps or need a long, possibly revealing split at the back for general living.

The longer Midi best suits tall women or those with a long body.

Lace midi from 'Dressmaking with Stitches' magazineJ Crew Midi outfit from 'Oprah', April 2013 magazineTo look modern, choose a Midi in slim-fitting skirts or dresses with a bit of stretch in them. Then add a little something extra like this black & pink belt on the J Crew outfit on the right from Oprah, April 2013. Or choose a Midi in a textured material like this lace skirt on the left from Dressmaking with Stitches magazine and add similar-coloured accessories. I think that the pink striped skirt is the better Midi length for women of any height and body shape as it ends just before the widest part of her calf. It is slightly longer than knee length, modest, easy to walk in and definitely not dowdy.

Other ways to wear Midi length are in a slightly flared trumpet hem or a dress or a skirt with a pleated, flared or slightly gathered flounce at the hem. The Midi looks best with high slim heels. Avoid thick or chunky heels with this length.

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