The Future of Jeans

Do you have one or more pairs of jeans hidden away that are too small for you? Someday you will fit into them.

Throw them out now!

Here’s why. Jeans are a modern classic. They can go from casual to formal. Baby Boomers are changing jeans. It’s an offshoot of the ‘anti-aging revolution’. Women of all ages want to wear flattering and comfortable clothes and retailers are responding to this massive market.

Chicos Slim JeansIn the US, Chicos (on the left) claim their new jeans have special interior stitching from hip to hip for super slimming. Forget the words. They must work as they were named by Oprah magazine in February 2013 as the ‘All Round Best Slimming Jean’.

Chicos - Slimming front SeamSome of their jeans also have flat front seams to slim and lengthen your legs (as seen on the right).

Nordstrom have Second Yoga Straight Leg Jeans that stretch diagonally as we move in all directions as well as a new waistband that does not show your undies as you bend. The reviewers are aged from 50 – 64 which indicates that it’s a modern jean for baby boomers.

Diana Ferari Kimberley JeansW Lane Comfort JeansIn Australia, Diana Ferari (on the left) has ‘Kimberley’ – a slim leg jegging with mock pockets. W Lane (on the right) has comfort straight or slim jeans and Jag has high rise (good for women over 40), slim jeans. Slim jeans are the flattering, modern and comfortable version of the Gen Y skinny jeans. Your favourite brand or store has probably got a version of them.

Wear these ankle-length, slim jeans with flatties (a classic look as in the W Lane jeans on the right) or with medium to high heels (a modern classic look as in the Chicos jeans above left).

New styles, materials and shapes are being developed so you can look slimmer without losing weight. Throw out those old saved jeans and embrace the future of jean technology.

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