Sorbet – A Fashion Review

While searching for a new top and doing some research at the Airport DFO, I came across a store I had not found before. It’s been there 7 years. Funny what you don’t see until it’s important to you!

The shop is Sorbet.

At first glance, it wasn’t my style. But I am writing about it because it may suit you. I picked up a catalogue and researched them on the Web.

Sorbet Brand - Blue Stripe TopSorbet Brand - Stripe TopThe two styles I have featured from them show their versatility. The one on the right has a simple grape jacket and multi-coloured stripe top. Note the lower neckline (good for baby boomers and women over 40) and the blue heels (just something a bit different). Grape softens the black pants. The one on the left has the same material from the right as a diagonal feature on the plain-coloured top. It has a black jacket which drapes down the princess line. Same blue shoes.

Sorbet has reasonably-priced clothes for all women in sizes 8 – 24 and shops in Cairns, Maroochydore, Brisbane Airport DFO, Gold Coast Harbour Town, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide. They feature lots of modern tops and jackets in multi-pattern and texture mixes. They do have colour as well as black. Their website – – is basic.

After studying the catalogue in more detail, I will be back for a second look.

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