Wear Your Secret Inspiration

I read this hint in a “Threads’ magazine and thought it was worth passing on.

Inspiring Words on your shirtFor a little bit of secret inspiration, consider adding a symbol or words to an item of clothing that you wear regularly. A blouse or shirt is a good place to do it just below the last button. The example in the article (as seen on the left) had the 3 words – Create, Inspire, Discover – embroidered on the bottom of the shirt.



Inspiring Picture on your shirtI searched for commercially prepared words of inspiration to sew on my shirt (embroidery is not one of my skills). No luck! But I found this star on a rainbow. So ironed it and then sewed it around the edges to make it secure (as seen on the right). A symbol works well as pictures are supposed to be more powerful than words.

If you can machine embroider or have a friend who can do it or even pay an embroidery place to create one for you, it is a great way to wear your inspiring words or pictures. Every time you wear it, you will smile and be reminded of your goals.

At the very least inspiring words or pictures personalise your store-bought clothes. Try it. You may find it delights and inspires you.

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