15 Best Summer Outfits for Work – Review

15-best-summer-outfits-work--large-msg-134263416825While surfing and researching Pinterest on the Internet I clicked on a link to ’15 best summer outfits for work’ by Lauren Berger.

Most were not suitable for my baby boomer readers but this one (N0 11 of 14) caught my eye. Do not know what happened to No 15. It is a colour combination and style you can adopt and adapt. It is a light, dark and bright colour combination.

Her mid-brown skirt could be replaced with any other plain neutral such as black, grey or a darker shade of brown.  You can substitute pants if you like. A medium or dark colour worn with a light top, jumper or shirt like this white one, draws your attention upward and away from any fault you have or think you have below your waist. The white shirt could be replaced with a cream top or shirt. This colour combination is very effective and stylish because you do not see it often. Most women think that only black and white go together successfully. You could wear your shirt tucked in or left out.

The medium-coloured turquoise accessories add the bright element and look fabulous against both the white and the brown. Remember that three is the maximum times you repeat a colour. Her belt is plain and blends with her skirt so that the necklace becomes your focal point. You could substitute aqua accessories for the turquoise as both are a great contrasts to brown. Not a fan of bangles – then wear turquoise earrings. The model is wearing a turquoise chunky ring. I would take that off. Less is more as too much colour disperses your attention.

As the necklace is elaborate, she is rightly holding a simple handbag.

Now go play with your wardrobe and see how you can adopt or adapt this style.

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