The Little Red Dress or Little Red Top

We women have been brainwashed over the years into thinking that Black is the only versatile dress colour.

Not so!

Let me educate and show you how you can wear a red dress, top, shirt or jumper in many different ways.

Landsend Little Red DressMy red jumper & black pantsThe first secret is to buy a dress or top in a medium shade with a matt finish that feels flat  and smooth to the touch. Together, they create a good base for other colours and textures.

When you pair red with neutrals accessories like mid-brown, mid-grey, cream or nude, you soften the red. The model on the right ( has done this with her brown belt. These colours show your inner self-confidence without screaming ‘power red’. Wearing red with black, white or black and white heightens the contrast to a more dramatic level like my red jumper and black pants on the left.

Patterns can soften or heighten the contrast. The model’s shoes stay with a subtle pattern whereas a brighter animal print or black and white shoes would heighten the contrast.

Other options are to wear either lighter or darker shades of red accessories to create a pleasing monochromatic colour scheme. Red and any shade of purple go well together as they are beside each other on the colour wheel. Red with yellow is for Extroverts and works best when both colours are used in a pattern. Red and green is too Christmassy. Instead try red and turquoise or red and teal.

You can use these principals on any coloured dress or top. It is much easier when you have your personal colour swatch because you can play and experiment with different colour combinations using the swatch samples.

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