Hem Adjuster Snaps

Avon Easy Hem AdjustersI have seen these mentioned in two places – once in an Avon catalogue and once in an Oprah magazine.

They are plastic tabs that stick on your clothes – one side on the hem and one side at the length you want to raise it to. The Avon catalogue used them to adjust your hem from below ankle length (for wearing high heels) to ¾ length (for wearing flatties). They show a simple 3 step process – peel, place and then snap them together.

Great for those who do not possess sewing skills and, at around $13 for 16 snaps, they are cheaper than paying for an alteration. Not sure how comfortable they would be when you leave your jeans at the long length.

The Oprah magazine credited Melissa George with inventing them. I asked at my local sewing shop and the assistant had never heard of such a product. Avon is the only place where I can find them at the moment.

If you want to take up hems permanently without sewing, try fusible iron-on hemming tape. The hem is stiffer but it saves you hand or machine sewing the hem.

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