Peplums come into fashion now and again and this is the current time for them. A peplum is a waist frill. A full waist frill looks best on an hourglass figure or slim figures. If that is not you, there is always a variation to try on.

Peplum top - Simplicity 6130

For the over 40s, I suggest you always go for a soft peplum not a stiff one.

The soft one skims your body without adding much weight.

This apricot Simplicity pattern 6130 falls in soft folds and has a waist tie to define it.





Peplum dress - Simplicity 6124


The beige dress  fro Simplicity pattern 6124 has two peplums that go from the side front princess line to the back princess line.

It’s a taste of peplum without adding bulk all around your waist.




Portmans dress - with diagonal frills at waistline

My third suggestion is a variation.

This Portman’s brand dress has three soft, graduated, angled frills.

It will stay stylish whether peplums are in or out of fashion.


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