Most Sophisticated Casual Pants Length

While crop pants are very popular, most of the women I see are wearing a wide, baggy version of them. Many women do not know  what is the most flattering crop pant’s length for them. Crop pants are modest, comfortable and cool in summer. They also define the baby boomer generation in quite often a dowdy way.

Try this hint as a more stylish, modern and youthful way to wear pants. Whether they are denim or cotton, choose a style that is tapering (ie follows the line of your leg without being clingy like jeggings). Then as shown in the two examples either turn them up or hem them up to a few inches above your ankles. Every women’s legs look slim just above the ankles because this is the slimmest part of your legs.  Fold them up if you are wearing flatties and sew them up with a flat hem if you are wearing heels.

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2 thoughts on “Most Sophisticated Casual Pants Length

  1. This then begs the question of what to do about socks, if you don’t feel good wearing shoes without some sock. Help please?

    • Hi Barbara – That is a good question. My suggestion is – wear the lowest ankle socks you can as the idea of these is to show your slim calves leading to shapely ankles. Alternatively, try the shoe socks. They are the ones that fit inside your shoe, feel like a sock but do not show above most shoe lines. They also come in natural skin colours.

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