What Do You Try On when Shopping for New Clothes?

It is a beautiful day. You easily found a parking spot at the shopping centre. There is cash in your purse or your credit card is handy. It is time to go shopping for something new.

But what? Something stylish and modern would revitalise you and your wardrobe. You have more important things to do than wander aimlessly into every shop in the mall.

Here are three tips to help you find what you are looking for.

Know Your Brands and Shops

Go first to those brands, shops and boutiques that have styles that suit your figure, personality and lifestyle. Look for new styles and colours. You may be a one-shop woman but most of us pick and choose from about five to six choices. Ignore those shops that are a waste of time for you. They stock clothes that are poor quality, dowdy, monotonous, too young or too old for your current work, lifestyle and outlook on fashion.

Once a year your best colours, patterns and styles will be in fashion. When it is not your season, you need to fall back on your preferred brands and shops for colours and styles that suit you. Before you go shopping, check your favourite brand’s website for styles that interest you.

Try Something New

Some clothes look awful on a hanger but fabulous on your body. These are usually clothes with shirring on the side seams or gathers at hip level. They will fit your body rather than skim gently over your shape. Many women ignore these clothes as they mistakenly believe only the young or super slim can wear them. Do not discount those. If you like the colour, try it on. You are the only person who will see you in the change room. You may look better than you think you will.

With jeans, ask about the Butt Lifter, Tummy Trimmer or Slim Leg styles and try a new denim colour. You may feel great or you may not. You do not know til you try them on.

Also investigate one new local shop or boutique a month. Ask for help so the assistant can find that special piece for you. Style is 20% inherited and 80% learnt. If you are jealous of the way other women dress without doing something to develop your own style, you will condemn yourself to a safe, boring wardrobe.

Is it Medium Contrast?

Something that creates a medium contrast of a light and a dark colour will lift your spirits and attracts others to you. It may be a light and dark pattern or a light top to wear with your dark coloured skirt, pants or jeans. Mixing light and dark colours make us feel that our wardrobe has life to it. All dark or all light colours look boring and you feel you have nothing nice to wear.

When buying a dark colour, make sure it has something interesting about it – texture, style or space at your neckline for your contrasting jewellery.

Lastly, wear your new purchase as soon as possible to feel good about your choice. Happy shopping!  

(Article sent to subscribers of The Fashion Translator eZine’ on 24 February 2011. Click here to sign up for The Fashion Translator eZine.)


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