How to Love What You Buy & Wear It More Often

Aaah! The weather is changing. It is time to go looking for some new clothes to wear over the next few months.

You head off to your favourite shopping mall or suburb. You have your trusty credit card. This time you hope you are certain that you will find some modern clothes you’ll love to wear. After four hours you come home with nothing or with clothes that look exactly like what you already have. Your heart deflates and you reach for the coffee and tim tams.

Why is it so hard to find modern clothes for us women over 40!

I have faced the same problems as you. So let me share some things I have learnt that may help you.

Ask for Help and Advice

Itis very easy to go to the same shops you always go to. You wander around waiting for something to jump out and say ‘pick me’. If the saleswoman comes, you say ‘I’m just looking.’

Not this time. This time you are going to walk straight up to a saleswoman. Your goal is to pick her brains. Ask for help and advice. Listen to what’s new. Look at it. If itis too long, too revealing or too anything, ask if there’s a different way of wearing it. Let the saleswoman show you these ways. Then you can decide how comfortable you feel in it. If there are many ways to wear it, get pictures or instructions or you will forget them. I have.

I would love to see this on retail web sites. I am living in hope.

You will buy it and wear it often if you have learnt how to look modern and stylish in it.

Alter Where necessary

How often has ‘how it fits’ been a challenge for you?

That top, pants, skirt or dress is just a little too long, too baggy or just not quite right. It sits in the sewing cupboard waiting to be taken up. Or it hangs forlornly in the wardrobe and never worn. Or you wear it temporarily folded over, pinned up or pinned in and it always needs adjusting every time you put it on.

If you love the item and it needs adjusting, are you prepared to pay to have it done? If yes, buy it. If no, put it back. Clothes that are altered to your body shape will be worn over and over because you will feel good wearing it.

The shop may alter it for you. If not, there are often alterations services in the big shopping malls or you can search for someone local.

Experiment to Find More Choices

Remember the old articles – ’57 ways to wear 7 items of clothing’. This is not quite that. Make sure you look to see if the item you bought can be worn with a few other clothes in your wardrobe. The more choices you have to mix and match, the more you will wear it especially when the favourite thing you wear it with is in the wash.

My mum’s generation has outfits. This only goes with that. They were never taught how to mix different colour and pattern combinations with basic colours. A Modern Dressing Expert, an Image Teacher or any good image book can teach you that there are more basic colours than black and navy for mixing and matching.

So if the new season’s shopping expedition ends with a smile rather than a long sigh, congratulations. You are on the way to loving what you buy and wearing those clothes more often.

 (Article sent to subscribers of The Fashion Translator eZine’ in 2009. Click here to Signup for ‘The Fashion Translator’ eZine.


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