Encouraging Eye Contact for Business, Networking & Speaking

We have all met those people with eyes like magnets that draw us in – sparkling blue, deep brown, sea green to name a few colours – and the rest of us wish for such fascinating eyes.

Here are some hints everybody can use to draw people into eye contact with you wherever you do business or speak. Be aware that there are cultural differences with eye contact conventions and these tips are given to help you where establishing eye contact is important and relevant.

Drawing people’s attention to your eyes
To do this either wear a colour which brightens the existing basic colour of your eyes or wear a complimentary colour which intensifies your eye colour. The complimentary colour is the diagonally opposite colour on the colour wheel. Smile a few times during the conversation to keep the other person’s focus on your eyes. When you are the Speaker at an event, meet people individually before the event so that they are subconsciously on the same wavelength with you when you speak.

How to use these Colours to advantage
The aim with colour is to wear your special colours close to the face (shirt, top, scarf, tie, earrings, necklace or whole outfit) as this draws the attention upward towards your eyes. If the colour you choose also compliments or tones with your hair colour (and an Image Teacher can help you with this) you are doubling the impact

A softer version of your basic eye colour calms people and gives an impression of gentleness and a willingness to listen. This is great for those whose business is in counselling or healing or where a calm attitude in the face of turmoil and hostility is required.

If your business aims to energize people, wear a deeper or brighter version of your eye colour. Add an accessory in the same colour or one that includes your eye colour and you double the impact. This is great for those whose business promotes vibrant health or a positive change in any area of life or business.

Wearing the diagonally opposite colour that compliments your eye colour attracts high achievers to you. You project an air of self-confidence and those who are self-motivated will be attracted to you because they ‘want what you have’.

If your eyes are different colours, it’s your choice as to which eye colour to intensify. You can use both colours in a pattern close to your face.

Those who like to change their eye colour with coloured contacts will find that choosing colours which brighten or intensify the new colour will make the contacts appear more natural.

Don’t stop with clothing choices
For added impact, use your particular colours for items on your work desk, your office or even your choice of car colour. You may have already incorporated these colours with your coffee mug or business cards or other items in your office.

Now that you have people making eye contact with you at business, networking or speaking events, repay the compliment by noticing and commenting sincerely on the colour of their eyes. We all like to be treated as worthwhile individuals and noticing the colour of someone’s eyes helps establish a comfortable rapport.

(Article sent to subscribers of The Fashion Translator eZine’ on 19 May 2008. Click here to sign up for The Fashion Translator eZine.)


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