The Emotion of Your Hair Colour

Quite a lot of women and men these days get themselves all caught up emotionally about the colour of their hair. Your hair is the largest feature on your face and people can’t help but see it or the lack of it.

Once we get to our 30s our need to dress and look exactly like our peers is replaced by a desire to be individual. When we branch out to entrepreneurship, small business or network marketing, we are strongly expressing a desire to be different from the herd. People buy ‘you’ and your hair is an expression of your personality as are your clothes, shoes and jewellery.

We often cling to the hairstyle of our previous job or the style that has become a habit because we know how to do it. Then we use colour, foils or streaks to be perceived as what we think we are now. That is fine until we choose or through circumstances, are forced to go grey.

You can’t dye your hair grey: so it has to run its natural course. Sometimes the face in the mirror is not the person you know you are.

It always was about the haircut not the colour. It is your personality that is reflected in your hairstyle (or total baldness or beard/moustache for men) that draws people to you. It takes courage to discover how you want to express the different parts of your personality and be a partner with your hairdresser. Keep quiet and your hairdresser will be as frustrated as you are.

Talk to me or any other image consultant if you don’t know the elements that make up your personality for this is the key to feeling confident and looking good every day.

The right hairstyle for you is Step 1.

(Article sent to subscribers of The Fashion Translator eZine’ in 2009. Click here to sign up for The Fashion Translator eZine.)


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