I’ll Visit an Image Consultant When I Lose Weight

Do you sometimes go to a local coffee shop? Look around this café. Do they have mismatched tables and chairs? Or chipped cups?

Do they serve you instant coffee and cheap biscuits? Bet you wouldn’t go back if they did. They don’t say ‘I’m not as good as the big coffee chain so I’ll just accept being second-rate.’ No, they create their own individual image and be the best coffee shop they can be.

So why are you making excuses?

How serious are you about losing weight? Have you started your program to lose weight? Or is it something you talk about but never do? Is it weight you want to lose or your figure shape you want back. Either create a new body shape program or learn to accept yourself as you are. Your choice.

Distract Attention away from your Body – Take the attention off your body shape and on to other parts of you. Draw attention to your face by getting a more modern hairstyle. Wear interesting shoes as they lift your spirits and start lots of ‘I love your shoes’ conversations. Or wear an unusual handbag.

Change Your Body Shape Instantly – The simplest instant slimming technique is to wear nice clothes that have some gentle shaping to them. Shape your boxy clothes to skim your body. Don’t safety pin the seams. Get serious. Take them in or have them professionally altered. Make a commitment and see how good it feels.

Change Your Focus – While you are losing weight take the opportunity to focus not on your weight but on learning new skills for a life-long commitment to looking your best. Invest in yourself and learn from everyone you can. Learn to sew, enrol in a healthy cooking class or learn what colours and shapes suit you.

Overcome the Cost Factor – If money is tight, start by borrowing library books, browsing discount bookshops or attending low-cost image workshops. Learn and practise simple tips and tricks first. And when the time is right for you, pay a good Image Teacher to show you how to do more to make the most of your individuality.

It’s time now to turn your good intentions into actions.

Those in your circle of influence want to know who you truly are. So whether you decide to lose weight or accept yourself as you are, start today practising new skills because you deserve to look nice every day.

(Article sent to subscribers of The Fashion Translator eZine’ on 26 March 2010. Click here to sign up for The Fashion Translator eZine.)


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