Decorating Your Nest

Have you ever had arguments with those who share your home or unit when it is time to decorate or re-decorate?

Look at yourself or the other person closely and you will find that we all gravitate towards colours and materials that fit with our individual colour personality and profile (except for teenagers who often seem to go through an ‘everything black’ phase).

Those with warm colouring will usually want warm colours, natural surfaces like timber and patterns that suit their fashion personality. Those will cool colouring will usually want cool colours, sleek surfaces like stainless steel and patterns that suit their fashion personality (Yes, men do have a fashion personality too).

Cater for both and you will have a happier home life. Or if you live alone, surround yourself with colours that please and suit you and your home will be a place of rest and revitalisation.

If you need help finding those best colours, textures and patterns for your home, call me.




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