Bring Out the Princess Update

Yesterday my husband and I were watching part of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee Concert that we had recorded when I suddenly saw those magical Princess Lines again.

There was the Queen in a beautiful gold lame princess line gown. The lines went from her shoulders to her toes and her dress had princess lines front and back. The gown skimmed her body. Added for variety and interest was beautiful embroidery on her right shoulder which tapered down to her hipline. The embroidery covered part of the princess line seam on the front and the back of her gown. It made the princess style less obvious and the design unique.

I also noticed that the Queen wears the Princess Line style quite often. Her designer is up-to-date on modern styles and touches and she adds other simple or elegant features to make each outfit look different. Check out the beautiful yellow coat dress that the Queen wore to The Trooping of the Colours. It has Princess Line features plus neckline tucks in a sunburst effect – very modern and stylish in a simple, elegant way. You can easily copy that with a neckline a little lower than the Queen wears.

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwell, was also wearing a ‘from the shoulder’ Princess Line jacket in her blue suit on that same day.

Age is no barrier to wearing modern style, flattering clothes.

(Article Update sent to subscribers of The Fashion Translator eZine’ on 18 June  2012. Click here to sign up for The Fashion Translator eZine.)


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