Apricot & Peach – Naturally Charming & Graceful

Apricot and peach are both variations of orange. Apricot adds white whereas peach adds pink to orange.

Both colours contain the practical and action-oriented elements of orange but in a softer form. Peach is said to express a more caring energy to others. It is the ‘pink’ colour for those with warm tones in their skin, face and hair. On the positive side, these colours represent natural charm and grace. On the negative side, they represent being too anxious to please others and speak up for yourself.

Apricot and peach look fabulous when teamed with a teal green (a great dark + light combination) or worn with brighter blue-greens like jade or turquoise. Be careful of apricot or peach making you look naked from a distance. Stand well back from a mirror when you try them on.

(Article sent to subscribers of ‘The Fashion Translator eZine’ on 18  November 2010. Click here to sign up for The Fashion Translator eZine.)


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