Black – Safe or Mysterious

Black is generally called a non-colour but if you look at your wardrobe carefully you will see lots of variations in the shades of black. It is the colour of night and nothing is more magical than moonlight reflected on water in a black, star-less sky. Black is the colour of mystery (have you ever stared into a black inky sea?). It is also the colour of fear (dark corners and black holes).

Black is a fall-back colour when you cannot find anything else to wear. All black hides your personality and can repel the happy clients you want to attract. Make it more interesting by wearing black clothes with a variety of pattern or texture. Avoid black shirts that button right up to your neck or high crew necks. These draw colour from your face and you can look unhealthy.

Black is a serviceable colour when worn below the waist. Just try to make the black you wear above the waist more interesting.

(Article sent to subscribers of The Fashion Translator eZine’ on 13 January 2011. Click here to sign up for The Fashion Translator eZine.)


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