Fashionable Winter Wardrobe for the Everyday Woman

A friend recently sent me the above media query so that I could reply to it and possibly get some free publicity.

In theory this topic seems simple and one that crops up every winter and summer. But is it?

When women’s employment choices were limited not so long ago, a winter wardrobe article was relevant. We dressed more formally and in a limited variety of classic pieces. Times have changed.

Today, women work in all fields and our clothing has become more casual and relatively easy-care. Who is the everyday woman? Is she a corporate worker, a professional, an entrepreneur, a part-time worker or a retired person? Women will dress differently for each occupation and often different for organisations and businesses within those occupations.

What is winter? Depending on where you live, the winter climate is different. Go closer to the Equator and it is warmer. Go towards the Poles and it is colder. Even within these general zones, winter still varies from place to place. Some years winter is almost non-existent and sometimes it is freezing or miserable or both.

Generalised topics like this promise a lot. In the end they only deliver to a few.

What are my wardrobe suggestions and modern dressing tips for business and professional women over 40 for a major change of season like the coming winter?


A major change of season is a good time for a wardrobe de-clutter. Get rid of those clothes that are fading, that are too tight or too loose, whose care is too time-consuming or too expensive and anything you do not really love or wear often. De-cluttering leaves room for the new. Thank them for the wonderful memories they have given you, pack them up and dispose of them as soon as possible. Do not hide them in another wardrobe or cupboard. You are divorcing these clothes not hoping to get back together with them soon.

Go looking for some new clothes. Look for modern classics –something different not a copy of what you already have or have just got rid of. Look for tops with interesting necklines and/or ¾ sleeves, something with texture, a trench coat as a change from formal coats and jackets, skirts or pants that skim your body shape and a new colour or pattern to lift your spirits.


It will be the accessories that make each clothing combination look different. They are the fastest way to lift your spirits and a well-chosen colour, texture or style makes you feel modern and stylish.

Jewellery can be worn all year round. If your spending is limited, a new well-chosen accessory can lift a lot of your outfits and make them feel new again.

Winter is the time to buy a scarf. Choose something to match your personality – an animal print or something elegant, dramatic or feminine. Look for a tartan, wool or faux fur scarf. All three are classic winter styles. Learn new ways to wear your scarf to feel stylish and elegant.   Buy a new pair of shoes that suit your climate or wear boots because you can.

My Secret Tip

Delight yourself. We can all become far too serious and stuck in our ways as we age. Make the change of season an opportunity to re-create yourself a little or a lot. A new hairstyle, a new handbag, a fashion personality consultation, some personal training, a massage, a facial or go exploring internet sites like or that new shop you keep promising to enter one day.

Fashionable winter wardrobe for the everyday woman – NO!!!

Update winter wardrobe for a special woman – YES!!! That woman is the one and only you.

Go now and find clothes and accessories that bring out more of your personality and make you shine.

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