Fashion – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

‘Help!’ you scream as the change of another season comes and there is the newspaper headline ‘Real Trends, Real Women’ and it has the top 10 trends for this Autumn. ‘Only 10!’ you think sarcastically. You read on and there is an 11th one in there as well as five more fashion trends in another article in the newspaper magazine supplement.

No wonder women are confused about what to buy to feel modern and look good without converting the spare bedroom into a giant walk-in wardrobe.

Here is my no-nonsense guide to new season fashion trends.

Do Not Believe All the Words

Both fashion articles I have referred to above were in ‘The Sunday Mail’ on 17 March 2012. The first article said ‘Forget fads and unwearable runway trends’ and continued on to show you how to interpret the top 10 trends for this autumn.

Great, but some of the trends shown are really fads and some are classics.

A fad is a short-lived, one-season fashion that suits only a limited number of women. It is definitely aimed at the young and slim. I wrote on this last month in ‘Beware! Fashion Speed Bumps Ahead!’

A trend is a fashion that looks good on most women and stays around for one to three years. It changes from a fad to a trend in its second year.

When a fashion suits every woman and can be interpreted in different variations, it becomes a modern classic like crossover styles. These are the modern dressing skills that every business and professional woman needs to learn.

Fashion writers prefer to call most fashion ideas ‘trends’ not ‘fads’ because women will buy a trend as they can convince themselves that it is a good financial buy and that everyone is wearing it. No-one will say to them ‘Why on earth did you buy that!’

Go Beyond the Hype

When you see and read these articles, be critical and go beyond the hype. If there is a colour of the Autumn season eg gold, it is because gold is a colour that those with Autumn colouring can wear well. Choose carefully – gold skinny jeans are a fad whilst gold accessories are a classic look that suits most women.

Ask yourself these two questions – ‘Will I be happy wearing this next year and the year after?’ and ‘Are the women whose fashion sense I admire wearing this?’ If you look at a so-called trend like these coloured jeans (Emerge brand from Ezibuy @ $49.99) and answer ‘yes’, buy them. If you answer ‘no’, put them back. Life is too short to waste money on clothes with no real value. You want versatility so you can wear the new item with a number of other clothes currently in your wardrobe.

Find the Real Treasures

The real fashion treasures are not fads or trends. They are modern classics or old classics worn in modern ways. This is where you learn and apply modern dressing skills to your professional and business dressing.

A 2012 ‘Top 10 Autumn Trend’ is the Trench Coat. It is an old classic currently available in bright colours – jade green for those with Autumn colouring and hot pink for those with Winter colouring. A light-weight trench coat is great for a Queensland winter. If you do not own one, choose a colour (not black) that will go over your dresses or skirts/pants and tops. A red trench coat will look smart for years and years. Wear your old or new trench coat with a narrow or medium width matching or contrasting-coloured leather belt as an alternative to the cloth belt that comes with the coat.

A ‘Top 10 Autumn Trend’ that is close to becoming a modern classic is sheer material. When it is interpreted like this Capture brand bolero (new word for any button-less cardigan) from Ezibuy @ $29.99, it suits all ages. The material adds interesting texture, it allows the colours underneath to shine in a new light and it covers but does not completely hide your arms (for those worried about their arm sags and wrinkles).

By all means, read and look at any article on each season’s top trends. Do not believe all the words; go beyond the hype and find the real treasures. Happy shopping.

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Read my comments on each of the Top 10 Autumn Fashion Trends here.


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