Autumn – Your Season has Arrived

It is that time of the year when Autumn preferences dominate the fashion scene.

Autumns – it is time to update your wardrobe with things you really like.

Autumn is animal print season. Update with a skirt, top, handbag, scarf or necklace in a new animal print. Say ‘thank you’ to and old one; get rid of it and buy a new one. ‘Print clash’ is a current fad that may appeal to Autumn extroverts. Look for a top or scarf with a combined animal print and something else. Faux fur may also appeal to your animal side. The current faux fur gilets (sleeveless, unbuttoned vests) are great for casual wear although they do add the perception of extra weight. An alternative is to look for a faux fur scarf.

Earth red is one of this season’s colours. You can wear this Capture stretch twill skirt from Ezibuy @ $49.99 with a striped top and a scarf or necklace with an earth red colour in it. Try it combined with an animal print.

A brown skirt or pants in a rich milk or dark chocolate brown colour goes beautifully with the reds, oranges, red-purples and teal colour you love to wear.

Off you go Autumns and have fun shopping.

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