Autumn Fashion Trends 2012

‘Real trends, real women’ was an article in The Courier Mail on 17 March 2012 about the top 10 trends for autumn.

Here are the 10 trends and a Bonus Trend with my comments. I added each of these trends one day at a time on my Facebook ‘Fashion over 40’ open group.

Trend 1 – Gold Fever

Gold is one of this season’s top colours. Gold clothing looks great in the evening but not in the daytime. Gold clothing is a fad and difficult to wear. If you add a gold accessory no-one will notice as this is a normal thing to do. Use the trend to find a gold accessory that appeals to you for wearing at any time of the year.

Trend 2 – Sheer Delight

This is a trend that has been around a few years. Sheer boleros (new word for any button-less cardigan) are becoming a modern classic. Add this to your list of modern dressing skills. This trend will increase the number of items in the shop with sheer material in them like this Capture brand bolero from Ezibuy @ $29.99. A sheer bolero or blouse looks great partly undone over a matching coloured or contrasting cami. For something different look for sleeves with sheer material – great to cover perceived arm faults while still looking fashionable.

Trend 3 – Faux Fur

This is tricky to wear when you get older. The faux fur vests (called gilets) are bulky and add weight.

Keep this for casual wear or totally ignore it.

If you want to be different, look for a faux fur scarf or faux fur detachable collar.

Trend 4 – Red Rules

Red is always a popular colour. Brighter red for extroverts and those with strong colouring and softer or deeper red for Introverts and those with a paler or softer colouring. As it is Autumn, earth red or rust red will be available.

Wear purple, olive, brown, stripes, black & white or navy with red or go less obvious with a red accessory (shoes, belt or necklace).

Trend 5 – Peplums

Peplums are a frill at the waist. They can be quite gathered or sit flatter against the body. Definitely the gathered peplums are for those with a defined waistline. My suggestion is to look for a more classic style with a peplum that doesn’t look too young-girlish. This would be something like a jacket or blouse that has a piece joined at the waistline to create a slightly flared bottom edge. Click here to see large picture of this.  Otherwise look, admire and ignore.

Trend 6 – Leather and Lace

Leather skirts are called ‘investment piece’ but I would suggest ignoring them after 40. There are other more modern options. Wear a short leather jacket over an item that has a touch of lace at the neckline is a more stylish option over 40 than wearing the leather jacket over a lace dress like this Ezibuy combination.

Your choice of accessories can make it look smart or silly.

Trend 7 – Trench Coats

Now here is a trend that is an under-used classic. Trench coats are more colourful this season. Carefully choose a colour that will work over a number of your other clothes. Avoid black as this can dull down other colours.

Red always works in trench coats. Leave the coat open or change the belt to update your look.

Trend 8 – Boots

Boots are always available in autumn and winter. Nothing different here. If you have purchased ankle boots, they look great under winter pants and jeans. We have all done the long boots when we were younger. Wear them now if you have the legs, the height and can find a pair that you can wear often and stylishly.

Trend 9 – Coloured Jeans

These come and go. More a fad than a trend because it is difficult to coordinate the colour with the other clothes you own. To wear these you need to know colour goes with what.

If they appeal to you, choose a colour that is dark and close in shade to denim, black or grey. This makes it easier to add any top rather than making it a one-combination outfit.

Trend 10– Luxe Fabrics

Luxury fabrics are not a trend; they are always around if you look. This is just a reminder of what I consider an important modern dressing skill for business women. This partly see-through Eve brand burnout material blouse and cami from Ezibuy @ $19.00 adds a touch of luxury to the basic blouse. Clothes with variety mean you never complain about having nothing to wear. You have different moods or looks you can wear.

Bonus Trend 11 – Print Clash

This trend is really one for the Extroverts. It is the combination of seemingly different prints in the material used to create the outfit. It looks a clash but there are design principles that are followed to stop it from just looking a mess. When over 40, best worn as a top or in a scarf. I have a more subtle version of it from last year in a basic black, white and grey leopard print scarf with soft purple flowers on it. An unusual soft print clash can be worn for a number of years.

Read my no-nonsense guide to interpreting season trends here


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