Red – Never Passive

Red - never passiveThe colour of action, romance and anger – red is never passive.

Usually thought of as a ‘look at me’ colour, it attracts extroverts as you cannot hide in a clear, strong red. Introverts and gentle people will tend towards elegant burgundy and maroon or the more grounded red earth.

If you woke up angry, I suggest you do not wear red or it is going to be a bull-fighting day. Red is the colour for women in their 60s. It goes beautifully with grey hair and reminds you that it is now time to do things for yourself.

Red is one of the primary colours. So it certainly makes your business card and advertising material stand out. And finally, there is a little bit of Red (or Maroon) in every Queenslander.

(Article sent to subscribers of The Fashion Translator eZine’ (previous name) in 2007. Click here to sign up for The ‘Baby Boomer Personal Style’ eZine.)


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