Blue – a Favourite Colour of Men

Blue - A Favourite Colour of MenBlue is the colour of communication (light blue) and trust (dark blue) and relates to the creative left-brain. On its negative side, blue is associated with feelings of sadness and depression.

Blue in nature can be cool and calming like a light blue sky or an Australian ocean or it can be cold and depressing like Antarctic ice with a foggy blue-grey sky.

Blue helps men communicate with each other and with women.  Men find it easier and less stressful talking to or listening to a woman dressed in light blue. Fuchsia which is a combination of blue and pink attracts men as the message it subconsciously sends is of a woman who is confident and easy to talk to.

Those with cool colouring in their hair, eyes and skin will generally have a preference for soft, pale or deep blue. Those with warm colouring will tend towards aqua, blue-green or blue-purple.

Finally, colour experts say that eating blue-purple foods like berries calms you and helps you sleep well.

(Article sent to subscribers of The Fashion Translator eZine’  (previous name) in 2007. Click here to sign up for The ‘Baby Boomer Personal Style’ eZine.)


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