Make the Change Room Mirror Your Friend

There you are standing in a change room cubicle about the size of a shower recess. You stand about half a metre from the mirror and look at yourself from four different angles.

After a few minutes you smile or frown and the decision is made whether to buy the new item or not.

That is a false impression.

It is not how most other people see you. They are not always up that close to you and examining your body from every angle.

Here is how to get more value from the change room mirror.

Step 1 –

Put the intended purchase on. Open the change room door. Stand as far away from the mirror as you can while still seeing your reflection.

This is how most people see you first – from a distance. That can change things. Two or three colours can merge to form a totally different colour. An interesting pattern up close can look messy and awful from a distance. Some colours can merge with your skin and make you look naked above or below the waist. That shirt colour that looks OK up close can make you look sick from a distance.

After considering all of these, now make your first judgment about the item.

Step 2 –

Most people see us active and moving or standing in a relaxed pose.

If you still like the item, walk into the change room towards the mirror and see how you look to others as you move closer to them.

Bend, stretch and lift your knees. Check out your rear view and your side view. Sit down if possible and check how far the skirt or dress rides up above your knees. Is it modest or embarrassing? Will you have to spend a lot of energy always pulling it down to a respectable length for you?

Stand up straight and check also what difference good posture makes to how you look in the clothes.

Step 3 –

If you are happy and feel quietly confident that this outfit feels comfortable on your body, this is the time to do the close-up view. Most people who are standing or sitting close to you are having a conversation with you. They only see the detail from your chest up to your face. Look closely at this part of the clothing.

Remember you are a living person not a static model in a magazine.

Use this 3 step process to make the change room mirror your friend and not your enemy.

Bonus Tip – Always Check Your Rear View

When buying new clothes always check your rear view as this tip is for all those who have a husbands or partner like mine. My experience is not unique.

When we go on holidays, I take the photos and he takes the videos. Bless his soul, he does love me and that is why he often says ‘just walk up there so I can put you in the video’. Of course, I walk that way. There in all its glory, captured on video, is my rear view.

While on holidays recently, I watched a Japanese couple repeat the same scene. The lady was smarter than me as she had a unique solution to this problem. While her husband videoed, she turned around and walked backwards so that he got her front view only. Hmm! Must try that.

(Article was sent to ‘The Fashion Translator’ eZine Readers on 56 October 2010.  Click here to sign up for eZine.)


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