Plan B Dressing

You know the feeling! You have just got dressed ready to go out and suddenly you notice something’s wrong. Now you have to change in a hurry. So much for deciding the night before what you were going to wear today!

Yes, I’ve had my share of last minute disasters – rough heels caught in skirt hems, toothpaste stains on a clean jumper etc. Disasters usually happen when you are rushing and not concentrating totally on what you are doing. Apart from slowing down what can you do?

Here are three tips to help you laugh at minor disasters and immediately go to Plan B. It is your preparation behind the scenes that makes all the difference.

Stick to Your Very Best Colours

Base your wardrobe around a few colours that absolutely make you look fabulous. Make sure that you have tops, jackets, dresses and accessories in the three colours that contrast with your skin, eyes and hair colours. If your eyes are the stand-out feature on your face, add the shade that heightens your eye colour. These are the colours that will draw attention to your face. Then choose a couple of extra colours from your colour palette that you like and that go with your three or four main face colours.

Add a few tops, shirts, dresses or jackets in neutral colours that suit you and appeal to you. These may be black, white, brown, cream, beige or any pattern including these colours. Buy skirts or pants in your preferred dark or light neutrals.

This makes it very easy to swap clothes or accessories when disaster strikes.

Maintenance is Important

When you notice an item that needs repairing, put it aside immediately to be fixed. Do the basic repairs as soon as possible or set a regular time aside each week to either fix them or take them somewhere to be fixed. This way you choose from your entire wardrobe not half your wardrobe.

Book the Next Appointment Before You Leave

Booking the next appointment with the hairdresser, massage therapist or beauty salon before you leave ensures that you always look your best because you have scheduled your appointments to look after yourself and to allow for special events. You also ensure your favourite person is always available.

Now you know some of my secrets for always looking good (Plan B Dressing) why not have a look at your Colour Palette with new eyes or book yourself in for a Colour Consultation if you don’t know your best colours.

(This article was sent to readers of ‘The Fashion Translator’ eZine on 19 May 2011. Click here to sign up for the eZine .)


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