Heart Photos 2011

As we come to the end of another year, it is too easy to beat ourselves up for all the goals we feel we ‘should’ have achieved ….. and didn’t.

The same applies to our clothes. The disappointments are ready to ambush us every time we open our wardrobe doors.

There’s the jeans we planned to fit into this year, and still can’t. There’s the new jacket we bought for that special event that never happened. There’s the jewellery that hasn’t been fixed a year later.

Girls! It’s time to pull out the 2011 heart photos to balance all that grief.

Heart photos – what are they? They are your heart’s record of the times it sang with the pleasure of being you. Sometimes there is a digital photo but mostly not. You were too busy being happy in the moment to take a photo. Yes, they can be called memories. I like ‘heart photos’ because it’s you celebrating being true to your heart.

Here’s three ways to enjoy some clothing heart photos over the next three days so that you skip refreshed and renewed into 2012.

Who We Became in 2011

Amongst your wardrobe are some clothes that defined you this year. Maybe there are clothes, shoes or jewellery that you bought or wore differently to define a better or newer version of you. You won a promotion or an award; you decided to really ‘step into your business’; you got married; you became single; you gave your first public talk or started your first newsletter.

This newer version of you is reflected in the clothes and accessories you chose to wear or buy. So take one or more of these items out of your wardrobe and thank it for supporting you when you gave that speech or dressed better at work or at networking. Your clothes are part of you. Thank them now for reminding you of who you wanted to be and who you became this year.

Pleasure Given in 2011

There are clothes and accessories in our wardrobes that always make us feel good whenever we put them on. We choose to wear them for that special feeling it gives us. Maybe we always get compliments wearing it; maybe it makes us feel energetic, younger, slimmer or more professional. It might also be clothes associated with a coffee or a movie shared with a partner or good friends.

Take those items out and thank them. The heart photo is the visual memory plus the good feelings. Remember some of the times you wore them this year. Recall the laughter and the conversations and the important people in your life.

Old Faithfuls 2011

Glamour is seductive. Old faithfuls are the basics of our lives. They are that pair of pants or skirt that can be dressed up with other clothes. They are the black shoes or the black handbag that goes with everything. They never fail you and they make whatever else you wear look even better.

Think of them like the character actors in a movie. Every big movie star knows that a great cast makes them more believable and more memorable. So take the old faithfuls out and really appreciate the background clothes of your life.

Now you have balanced the grief and the gratitude. Go and happily make your 2012 intentions knowing that you and your wardrobe are a great team.

(Article sent to subscribers of ‘The Fashion Translator’ eZine on 29 December, 2011. Click here to sign up for the eZine .)


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