Keeping Jewellery Close at Hand

While we are on the subject of jewellery, I thought I would give you three simple tips for storing jewellery to make it easy to choose what to wear.

Store it the traditional way in a jewellery box. These usually have separate spaces for earrings and open spaces or drawers for necklaces. The good – all in one place; the bad – necklaces can get jumbled and you have to burrow through it to find what you want.

Jewellery Storage HolderStore it in a clear plastic jewellery hanger. I bought one from Howard’s Storage World. It has 24 pockets and hangs in my wardrobe. The good – you can see everything at a glance; the bad – the pockets are not designed for larger pieces of jewellery.

Store it in an accessory wardrobe. These are available from discount stores. They have a slim, full-length mirror on the front and drawer and hanging space inside. The good – all in one place; the bad – you need space in the bedroom, wardrobe or walk-in robe to put this extra cabinet.

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2 thoughts on “Keeping Jewellery Close at Hand

  1. Thanks Margaret and interestingly enough I just bought from Aldi a Full standing mirror which has a cupboard for jewellery and it is all beautifully haning up and in it’s proper place.

    I did not realise I had so much in silver, for a gold girl.

    Many thanks for your appreciation

    love Margaret

    • Thank you Margaret. Your comment was the inspiration for including the jewellery cabinet. There is something special about having jewellery displayed where you can see it. It is confirmation of your personal love of beauty.
      Can’t explain your penchant for silver. As long as you love the jewellery don’t stress over it.
      Love Margaret

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