Catalogue Gripes

 I love catalogues because I love seeing what new fashions they are offering. Today I have two short gripes.

On the cover of a recent catalogue is a beautiful dress – unusual (a touch of the dramatic) and in a lovely bright colour. In the shop, the colour is very different – dull and almost menopausal pink. It was a turnoff and I bet it will be a slow seller. Please retailers, get the colour right.

In another catalogue was a summer dress from a brand aimed at mature women. It was simple and in a colour that suited everyone. In the store the material felt and looked like very cheap cotton. I wasn’t the only one who looked and walked away. Please retailers, choose catalogue clothes carefully.

Now is the season for light, cool summer dresses and skirts in Australia.

I believe that women are not spending because it is harder to find something nice to buy. The brands and retailers that will succeed into the future will be those that provide smart, attractive and good value clothes for women as they age. Second-best is not good enough for today’s mature women.

(This article was sent to readers of ‘The Fashion Translator’ eZine on 2 December 2011. Click here to sign up for the eZine .)


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