Fashion Over Comfort – 3 Signs You are Getting Older

As we get older, it is a shock when we discover that we prefer comfort over fashion. Are you becoming your mother?

  1. You try on a new top or dress and discover it has an empire line that comes not under your breast but somewhere closer to your nipple. When did your bust go south? Just pretend it’s meant to be that way.
  2. You discover that you have lots of elastic-waisted clothes in your wardrobe. How did that happen? Of course! It was after someone saw your zip not zipped to the top or your waist button undone.
  3. You look in your wardrobe and it’s full of clothes or accessories in one or two colours only. Who sold you all these? It is taking ‘wearing your signature colour’ to extremes.

We all need a little comfort in our lives.

Descend into 80% comfort and 20% modern and you will feel old and dowdy.

Go for 20% comfort and 80% modern (I will help you) and you will be ‘young at heart’ and happy.
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