Springs – Your Season has Arrived

Each of us has one quarter of the year when the fashion industry loves and indulges us. Springs – your season has arrived.

So what to choose that is stylish and age-appropriate. Changing your complete wardrobe every year is for the young. You are now smarter.

Spring is a frilly season. As you age, be more selective. Vertical frills are always stylish, slimming and non-age-specific. Avoid high frill necks – too girlish. Pleated frills are stylish and don’t date. Look for something a little unusual as that means more wearability.

A touch of spring style with classic clothes shows your individuality and personality. Think floral patterned shoes, scarves with edging (tassels, bobbles or a bit of sparkle), aqua/turquoise blue and orange indian style jewellery or a touch of sparkle (diamantes or silver thread) on your jeans.

Beware the body toning solid colours (beige, cream, salmon) or pale merging colours that make you look naked from a distance. Wear an outside beige jacket underdone or wear another colour over the top of skin-toned tops.


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